P-Bran Herbal powder

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Herbal Fiber , Complementary treatment in obesity

Dosage form and packaging:

Each box contains 20 sachets 10 g of sterile powder.




Helpful in  treating obesity

Mild to moderate Hypercholesterolemia

Helpful in treating hemorrhoid due to facilitation of defecation and pain palliative effect.


P-Bran is an herbal, harmless laxative, rich in non-absorbable edible fibers and contains, owing to its psyllium content, mucilaginous compounds. Drinking this product with liquids eases its passing through esophagus and gives pleasure.

With its high percentage of edible fibers, P-Bran absorbs water in the stomach and swells up and therefore gives a sensation of fullness. On the other hand, this volume increase dilutes gastric enzymes and, by hindering the interaction of food with enzymes, elongates the food stay in the stomach and consequently the sensation of fullness.

With these two natural methods, P-Bran gives desirable results in obesity treatment and even more desirable ones when assisted with a reduction in food consumption and an increase in daily mobility with exercises.

Owing to its content of wheat bran and psyllim husks, P-Bran absorbs water and increases the amount of feces and this way encourages bowel movements.

It further lessens the passing time of feces in bowls due to the increased volume of feces and it therefore operates as an effectual and safe laxative and eases defecation.

In addition, it absorbs and takes out of body such compounds as bile acids and toxins. This product can be effectively employed not only to treat constipation but also to help remove other disorders of the digestive system such as large intestine diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Considering its 25% content of psyllium husks, P-Bran results in, as a dietary supplement, a decrease in cholesterol. According to clinical studies carried out, a daily use of 10 g psyllium (i.e. 4 sachets of P-Bran) with a low-fat diet for a time period of 8 weeks lowers serum total cholesterol by 4% and LDL cholesterol by 7% while having no effect on HDL cholesterol.

Wheat bran content in P-Bran provides important minerals and vitamins like potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotine amide, pantothenic acid, biotin and folic acid which all are essential to exist in a daily diet but generally removed from flours.

Clinical studies conducted so far suggest that a high-fiber diet helps to adjust blood sugar and insulin while decreasing a risk of developing type 2 diabetes. P-Bran improves the fat level of blood and lowers amounts of insulin type 1 diabetic patients receive and this is of high importance for pregnant women.


P-Bran is made of wheat bran together with psyllium husks which has been milled and turned into soft and sterile powder.

This product has no additives except for some flavors to fit different tastes; it further has been formulated in such a way which ensures its easy use with liquids. Wheat bran contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, and insoluble fibers including a combination of polysaccharides like cellulous and hemicellulous.

Psyllium husks serve as a rich source of soluble natural fibers, mucilaginous materials and some insoluble fibers.


P-Bran is available in flavored and unflavored forms. Mint P-Bran can be used in such drinks as buttermilk and vanilla- and banana-flavored forms go well with milk while unflavored one can be consumed in all liquids including soups.

For adults, one P-Bran sachet should preferably be used half an hour before a meal or whenever the sensation of hunger is felt (in order to alleviate this sensation). Each sachet should be mixed with a glass of preferred drink and, after intense stirring, be drunk immediately (one to four sachets are recommended for adults).

In diets for losing weight, an amount of energy received from the consumed drinks must be considered as well.


Due to a likely delay or reduction in the absorption of some drugs, it is recommended that P-Bran be taken at least 2 hours before or after any other drug.


If  it  has been taken at the recommended dosage, are safely tolerated by body.

To avoid drug interactions, oral drugs must be taken either one hour before or four hours after P-Bran.


If you suffer from bowel obstruction and undiagnosed abdominal pain.

If you have a sensitive stomach; otherwise, you may experience abdominal bloating and heaviness which are normal and considered as factors discouraging appetite.

To prevent annoying abdominal bloating and heaviness (and to encourage weight loss), reduction of every meal volume by half is recommended besides using P-Bran.


P-Bran can be used during pregnancy and Lactation.

This product is recommended as a laxative during pregnancy.


P-Bran powder has been formulated to be used with liquids, so it must not be consumed as dry or mixed with foods which are not liquid. When high-fiber supplements are taken, a high volume of liquid (6-8 glasses of water per day) is recommended.

P-Bran must not be used immediately before going to bed.

In order to balance energy metabolism and give desirable results in weight loss diets, P-Barn should be assisted by light exercises like daily walks.

To compensate shortage of vitamins and minerals due to low consumption of food as a result of taking P-Bran, multivitamin pills and capsules are recommended.


Store below 30 ̊C and protect from moisture and light.




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