Dineh Bran Herbal powder

تماس بگیرید

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Herbal Fiber , Laxative

Dosage form and packaging:

powder in 250g sachet inside the box



Herbal laxative

Suitable foodstuff useful in diet


Dineh Bran is an effective and harmless herbal laxative which is rich with non- absorbable dietary fiber and is used in treatment and prevention of various disorders of gastrointestinal (GI) tract function such as constipation, colon diverticula diseases and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Dineh Bran is able to produce positive and favorable results in diets along with proper exercises due to its high percentage of non- absorbable edible fiber and very few calories it generates. In addition, Dineh Bran can help reduce feeling of hunger.

Moreover absorbing, retaining water and increasing volume in intestine, Dineh Bran absorbs toxins and facilitates disposal of materials and enhances physiologic activity of the intestines.


Preferably half an hour before each meal, two or three tablespoons of Dineh Bran powder is used along with milk or fruit juice (for breakfast) and/or with sour drink, yogurt and salad (for lunch or dinner), otherwise, the powder should be consumed with various types of foods. In each use, drinking two glasses of water or other liquids is recommended.

Note: Dineh Bran powder should be used for 12 weeks in order to improve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


Dineh Bran powder may reduce the effectiveness of some medications such as digoxin. To avoid interference, oral medications should be taken one hour before and/or four hours after consumption of Dineh Bran powder.


No side effect is observed if you take it with correct dose.


Dineh Bran is contraindicated in patients with intestinal obstruction and unknown abdominal pains.


Dineh Bran is allowed to be taken during pregnancy and lactation .


Wheat bran is rich with minerals and important vitamins and if it is removed from flour, quality of bread is reduced. If high volume of wheat bran is added in daily diet, this shortage will be compensated. Some of these important materials include as follows: potassium (1390 mg), magnesium (590 mg), zinc (13.3 mg), phosphor (240 mg), vitamin E (9.1 mg), vitamin B1 (0.65 mg), vitamin B2 (0.51 mg), nicotine amide (17.7 mg), vitamin B6 (2.5 mg), pantothenic acid (2.5 mg), biotin (0.044 mg), folic acid (0.4 mg), in each 100 g.

In order to compensate shortage of vitamins and minerals as a result of deficiency of food intake due to decreased appetite, it is recommended to use pills and multivitamin mineral tablets and capsules.

Dineh Bran should be used with plenty of fluids and should never be used in dried form.

Taking immediately before bedtime should be avoided.

It is suggested to use Dineh Bran in  weight loss diet before eating food, fruit, raw vegetables, and/or salad without dressing daily.

In order to create balance in energy metabolism and for obtaining suitable results in weight loss diet, walking and doing light exercises should be considered in daily schedule.

If you use Dineh Bran powder as food aid in diets (weight loss diet), calorie received from liquids or associated food should be taken into consideration.


Store Dineh Bran powder in cool and dry place.

After opening the package, then, close its cap tightly and preferably, place it in refrigerator.




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