Cardioton Herbal tablet

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Cardiotonic , Hypotensive

Dosage form and packaging:

Each box contains 30 coated tablets.



Strengthens heart muscle especially in the elderly and for the case of declined cardiac output


Neural cardiac disorders like tachycardia and acute pain in thorax

Help treatment of moderate cardiac arrhythmia

Reduction in capillary fragility


Based on clinical surveys, crataegus is a well-recognized herb for improving performance quality of heart and arteries and prevention from atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia and its prescription is advised for strengthening heart muscle particularly in the elderly and the people with insufficient physical activities because crataegus content of cardioton due to high amounts of procyanidines and flavonoids not only leads to widening of coronary arteries and increased blood flow in them and blood circulation as well as improvement of heart feeding but also increases concentration of CAMP in heart muscle and enhances contraction power of heart via control of CAMP phosphodiesterase enzyme. And accordingly, it is helpful for prevention from congestive cardiac failure and treatment of its muscular weakness. On the other hand, due to restraining effect of procyanidines on Angiotensin – Converting Enzyme (ACE), resistance of peripheral arteries is lowered resulting in mitigation of hypertension.

Pharmacologic analyses demonstrated that the medicines prepared from the respective herb can be used as supplementary drugs together with ACE controllers and/or calcium canal blockers and diuretic medications. Its prescription for congestive cardiac failure coupled with cardiac glycosides contributes to improvement of their pharmaceutical effects and reduces the administered dosage of cardiac glycosides.


Each tablet contains 400 mg of standard dry extract of crataegus (equivalent to 3.1 mg of hyperoside). This extract contains flavonoids (such as hyperoside, routine, vitexin), amines (like tyramines), triterpenes and proanthocyanidins.


3 times a day; each time one or two tablets; half an hour before meals for at least 6 weeks.

It is recommended to regularly control blood pressure and heartbeat during the intake period.


In case of taking cardiac glycosides (such as digoxin), the drug dosage shall be reduced under the doctor’s supervision.

This medicine has a performance similar to class III anti- arrhythmia drugs; never use them at the same time.

For simultaneous intake of the respective medicine and anti-platelet drugs (such as warfarin), the congestion-related tests are recommended to be checked by the doctor.

Never take this medicine simultaneously with Cisapride


With recommended medical dosages, adverse effects or toxicity have not been normally observed.

Consult with your doctor in the event of edema in your legs.

Note: It is recommended to regularly control blood pressure and heartbeat during the intake period.


The medicine should not be used by the children aging below 12 years.

Intake during pregnancy and lactation: the medicine shall not be used in the first three months of pregnancy.


The medicine shall not be used in the first three months of pregnancy.


 numerous products of this herb are prepared and consumed all around the world.

In Iran, before implementation of the generic program, Eurhyton drop and crataegus zima drop and Orthangin drop used to be taken. Currently many products have been registered in the Root List and Martindale, which are used in Europe, such as:

Hypotonin- N


Crataegus monoplant


Orthangin –N

Orthocardon –N

Kytta Cor f


Store below 30˚C and protect from light and moisture.



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